Every year 6 billion SEK worth of goods are stolen from Swedish stores. This shows an increase of more than 30% compared to the year 2013. The majority of thefts is committed by criminals that systematically steal from Sweden´s dealers. That is the reason why dealers are forced to invest more in the safety of their stores. The average investment only for shop detectives and security staff amounts to 191.000 SEK per store. These facts were presented by the Swedish Trade Theft- and Loss report earlier this year.

– Shoplifting has become an increasing social problem that needs to be tackled in a serious manner. In certain areas stores are seen as self-service stores where it is nearly without any risk to take whatever you want without getting caught. It is about time that Justice stands up for Sweden´s dealers, says, Per Geijer, security chief of the Swedish Trade.

Organized crime

Meat, chocolate and coffee are among the most stolen goods in the merchandise trade. Facts show that most thefts are committed in the merchandise trade. According to dealers one third of all thefts are committed by people who steal one or a few items for their own use. The remaining two thirds of the total of thefts are committed by people who steal on a regular basis or by organized gangs who practice illegal trade.

– The image we have of only teenagers stealing a single Snickers in stores is totally wrong. Basically, it is about organized crime and systematic criminal dealing, says Per Geijer.

Dealers are forced to pay for basic safety

Reports show that dealers spend large amounts of money to protect their stores. More than four out of ten dealers (44%) have invested in safety features in the past years. Most of the money goes to hire shop detectives and security staff. In average every store amounts 191.000 SEK.

Apart from external thefts of 6 billion SEK, internal thefts that are committed by superiors and employees amount to 1,9 billion SEK. This means that the loss caused to the trading amounts to 7,9 billion SEK per year.

Another issue is a damage of 4,1 billion SEK caused to administrative loss. This can be things like accounting related mistakes, giving out wrong amount of change or products that can not be sold due to quality defect. The total amount of damage caused to the trading amounts to 12 billion SEK per year which equals 170.000 SEK per store.

Source:  Svensk Handel