Reemtsma GmbH


Reemtsma GmbH, a part of the international company Imperial Tobacco, has used Frepart’s services since 1999. Frepart has delivered over 10,000 units of motorized product stands that are placed in Reemtsma’s German market.

In 2012, Frepart received an assignment to develop a new generation of product stands with a higher level of vandalism protection. Frepart developed a stand that offers 100 percent product visibility, even when the stand is closed. The customer opens it with a keypad.

The TD 5000 series stands were delivered to the stores in Germany in the middle of 2015. They are placed behind the cash registers and they are equipped with a motor driven front window, have great flexibility with respect to remodeling and use the “dead” space behind the cash register for storage of products. With their advanced dispensing solution, they offer up the products successfully for presentation and sales.

Comments from Reemtsma:
“Frepart has delivered a solution that is very flexible and exposes our products in a fantastic way. This leads to increased sales.”