To protect your store against shoplifting is complicated. Awareness and education of your staff are key factors but that is not enough. Investments in anti-theft measures are also necessary.

Grocery stores and supermarkets have the largest amount of shrinkage

Every retailer has to deal with warehouse shrinkage and reduced revenues due to shrinkage. Supermarkets and grocery stores have the highest percentage of shrinkage. Shoplifting and theft committed by personnel stand for 77% of the total warehouse shrinkage worldwide…approx. 25% of thieves are children. Meat products, delicate cheese or healthcare products are among the most stolen products in the category food and beverages. But every store has small and premium products in its assortment which are popular as well by pickpockets.

Nonprofessional thieves tend to steal make-up, condoms and pregnancy tests

While there is professional criminals who steal and sell products on the blackmarket do ordinary people like teenagers, businessmen, single persons and even grandparents also steal. They say that 90% of us have stolen at least once in a lifetime. The nonprofessional thieves often steal minor products like make-up or candies. Other things like pregnancy tests and condoms are stolen as people in general are embarrassed of buying this kind of products.

The “blackmarket” asks for shaving products, nonprescription medicinal products and tobacco

Theft is a much bigger “business segment” than you can imagine with lots of thieves that resell “your” products to other less picky companies who then sell those things for a more favourable prices. Organized gangs are in search of products that are small, logically more expensive and can be sold with good profit.

Among the most stolen subjects are small products like shaving products, tobacco, nonprescription medicinal products, batteries and make-up products that are easy to hide. Shavers and razor blades have been among the most stolen product categories worldwide for many years.

Smart display solutions protect your products

Many stores are forced to remove expensive products from their shelves due to burglary. Huge losses lead in worst case to discontinue with these products  There is solutions on the market that can prevent you from removing your products.