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We build product stands and solutions for store exposure for products prone to theft, among other things

Normally, we design and customize product stands that suit your products. Naturally, you have access to our extensive experience and in many case we can start from an existing solution and add and modify the functions that are needed to match your needs.

Some of our products are available for immediate delivery, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Tobacco stands

Stands for tobacco products, both cigarette stands and other tobacco products, with a customized design and practical function for increased sales, safety, ergonomics and reduced shrinkage. Read more

Medication stands

Easily placed medication stands offer good exposure that can be supplemented with accessories such as lighted product surfaces, lighted signs and led displays. The design offers these amenities, while simultaneously reducing the chances for theft and pilferage. Read more

Personal care product stands

Flexible stands that elegantly expose the products in a representative and stylish way, and at the same time reduce the possibilities for theft and pilferage. Read more

Inspiration – Product stands and Store exposure

How can we help you? We have all the resources needed, including fabricators and prototype construction under one roof, so your product stands fit your product types exactly.
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Logistics & Service

Besides clever product stands, we can help your company with logistics, inventory and services. In addition, we have long experience handling large roll outs for large chains, suppliers and trade customers. Read more

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