Frepart inventories a number of products for immediate delivery. In addition, we inventory products for our customers who need large volumes, but do not have the capacity to handle the inventory themselves.

Installation and production

We collaborate with other suppliers. For example, with refrigerators, we can outfit the interiors, or customize them with the installation of screens, lighting or locks, etc. We specialize in final installation of products that are mass-produced in our own factories. These can be our own standard products or unique solutions for customers.

Blanket orders

We inventory products for many customers. The product can then be ordered under a blanket order for delivery in Sweden or the rest of Europe, as desired.

Distribution and installation

We can ship to a single recipient or to an entire chain of stores. The best way is the way that ensures that the delivery arrives safely and on time. If you would like to help with the installation at the store, we can also arrange that.

What can we do for you?

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